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Grease gun: convenient maintenance of equipment and machinery

Units of vehicles, special equipment and various equipment need lubrication. But, to service some of them, you need special equipment - a grease gun. We will understand what he is in this article. For further info, click here: best manual grease gun

Scope of application

A grease gun is a special device designed to supply grease lubricant to assemblies under high pressure. The lubricant enters the mechanism through the built-in grease fittings, or it is applied directly. As a rule, this device is used to service complex assemblies and mechanisms that operate in a mode of increased wear.

Grease guns are widely used by motorists. They are used to service hard-to-reach and more convenient assemblies and mechanisms: crosses, hubs, hinges, bearings, etc. Thanks to the syringe, there is no need to disassemble bulky and complex units, since the flexible tip of the device allows you to easily get to the hard-to-reach lubrication point.

Often, such syringes are used to replace engine oil or transmission fluid in a gearbox. This is due to the fact that the oil enters the unit under pressure, which allows better lubrication of all working elements. The syringe also makes the service cleaner.


Mechanical devices are easier to operate. To lubricate any element, you need to put a lubricant in the volume of the syringe and press the handle several times. In terms of properties, mechanical devices differ in the volume of the tank and the working pressure. The larger the volume, the longer the filled lubricant will last. The pressure depends on how intensively the material will be fed. The higher it is, the more the lubricant will be dosed.

Pneumatic devices operate on compressed air, which is taken from the compressor. Such devices are convenient in that no effort is required to supply the lubricant. They are less widespread and are used mainly in car service stations and in various industrial industries. Pneumatic syringes differ among themselves in weight, lubricant supply rate and working pressure indicator.


The plunger syringe, or as it is also called manual, is a movable body that is connected to a conductive tube with a suction element and a piston. Thanks to this design, the pumping angle of the lever is reduced. At the end of the tool there is a high pressure cylinder with a pressure valve.

The lubricant is placed in the syringe barrel. When the device is activated, the hand piece interacts with the oilier. The grease then enters the high-pressure cylinder and flows out.


The cordless grease gun is powered by a battery built into the device. The energy drives the piston, which delivers the lubricant through the tube to the surface. Depending on the battery capacity, the power of the devices and the charging time differ. There are syringes that can be powered by a car cigarette lighter.


A screw grease gun differs from a plunger gun in a much larger volume. At one end of such a device there is a nozzle for supplying grease, and at the other there is a special screw. In the process of twisting, it interacts with the piston, which, due to excess pressure, supplies lubricant. This type of syringe is used to lubricate holes and threaded connections.